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LakePromo - Manual of Practical Tools

Edited by Arja Ruokojärvi and Jarmo Hiltunen

Number of pages: 104
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LakePromo - Manual of Practical ToolsThis manual deals with the practical management and restoration of lakes and other watersheds in Lakepromo-countries, which are Finland, Denmark, Estonia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Hungary, Spain and Russia. From each country was chosen at least one pilot area (a lake, wetland, lagoon etc.) the planning of which was mutually observed and supported during the project implementation. The connecting problems in these areas were excessive nutrient loads and the consequenses of eutrophication (algal blooms, oxygen depletion, reduced recreational values, decreasing transparency of water etc.). Special attention was paid to collaborative planning and public participation.

This publication is a part of the EU Interreg IIIC project "Lakepromo - Tools for Water Management and Restoration Processes (2004 - 2007)". Partners who have participated in this pilot area work are:

  • The Municipal Federation of Savonia University of Applied Sciences (Lead partner)
  • Finnish Environment Institute, Finland
  • The City of Kuopio, Finland
  • North Savo Regional Environment Institute, Finland
  • Environmental Centre Aalborg, Denmark
  • University of Brighton, United Kingdom
  • Municipality of Roquetas de Mar, Spain
  • Estonian University of Life Sciences, Estonia
  • Brandenburg University of Technology, Germany
  • University of Debrecen, Centre for Environmental Management and Economics, Hungary
  • Northern Water Problems Institute of Karelian Research Center of RAS, Russia
  • Federal Environmental Agency, Germany

Series D 6/2007
ISBN-13: 978-952-203-071-9
ISBN: 978-952-203-072-6(PDF)
ISSN: 1795-0848

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