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You can now find the Aapeli Online Database collections in Melinda, the union catalogue of Finnish libraries. Melinda includes information on the National library collections and all Finnish university libraries’ collections. All university of applied sciences libraries will join Melinda during the 2013 - 2014 and public libraries later on.

Some of the Aapeli collections (e.g. materials...

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Now it is possible to use the electronic resources of Savonia Library also via Google Scholar Library Links.

On Google Scholar main page:

• Click Settings
• Click Library links
• Type Savonia and press Search
• Press Save

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From the beginning of September you can pick up the books you have reserved and borrow them at the self-service in Iisalmi, Opistotie, Sairaalakatu and Varkaus Campus Libraries.

  • Reserved books are located near the self-service.
  • You will find the books arranged on the shelf by your family name. You can borrow them only using your own library card.
  • If there...
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WGSN is the trend service to cover the entire spectrum of product design, range planning, merchandising, marketing and sourcing. WGSN's research and analysis service covers the whole life cycle of the product development. Trends are tracked and analysed from their earliest emergence right through to the products driving retail and e-tail today. WGSN's trend analysis and product direction spans...

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This spring, the user inquiry was arranged in March. Savonia received 527 replies. The Library extends a warm thank-you to all respondents! A report on the replies and their utilization in the development of the Library will be published later this year.

The gift card of the book store is delivered to the winner. Congratulations!


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Savonia on yksi Suomen suurimmista ja monipuolisimmista ammattikorkeakouluista, jolla on kampuksia kolmella paikkakunnalla: Iisalmessa, Kuopiossa ja Varkaudessa. Savonia palvelee lähes 6000 opiskelijan lisäksi aktiivisesti ympäröivää elinkeinoelämää, joka mahdollistaa sekä opetuksen että oppimisen työelämäläheisyyden.