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Study Counselling

Purpose of the counselling and advisory service is to counsel and advise the students in their personal and professional development, in learning and study and career planning. Counselling and advisory services are available for students in all stages of their studies; before they start their studies, in the beginning of their studies, during their studies, in the finishing stages of their studies and after they have completed their studies. Counselling is given as a group and individual counselling; virtual counselling is also available.

Although counselling and advisory services are co-ordinated by student counsellors, all the teachers give counselling. Student tutors, fellow students and all members of the staff will help the students within the frame of their expertise. Student affairs officers give counselling in the matters concerning, among other things, student admission, student benefits, financial aid and study register.

Study counselling promotes student’s orientation and commitment towards his/her studies, and also professional development, progression of the studies and transition to the labour market. The student is encouraged to find the solutions that fit to his/her life situation and studies.

Student counsellors are responsible in their units for the co-ordination of the study counselling and its development and they also take part of the student’s career planning. Career and recruiting services are a part of the counselling and advisory services. Counselling and advisory services are evaluated and developed according to the feedback (e.g. questionnaires students fill in at different stages of their studies).

Savonia UAS

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