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Insurances Needed in Finland

Before you leave, remember to check up on travel insurance. International students are not considered as permanent residents in Finland. Therefore they are not entitled to residence-based social security benefits and will not be issued a Finnish Kela sickness insurance card.


Important! Degree students who come from abroad must have a valid health and accident insurance. Savonia University of Applied Sciences is not responsible of any costs related to an international student’s cases of illness or accident caused during leisure time. However, degree students are covered by Savonia's insurance accidents at school.


Social security for EEA/EU citizens: If you are only staying temporarily in the Member State where you are studying, you are entitled to receive all medically necessary care. For this, you will need the European Health Insurance Card, which you can get from the institution with which your parents are insured. The card must be obtained before departure to Finland. The card confirms that holders are covered by sickness insurance in one of the EEA/EU member states and that they have the right to immediate medical treatment while they are in any other EEA/EU member state.

More information about insurance policy is available at

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