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Housing and accomodation in Kuopio

Please note that Savonia University of Applied Sciences does not provide accommodation for incoming students. Admitted students and visitors can apply for a rental apartment at KUOPAS or TEKMA.

KUOPAS (Kuopio Student Housing Company)

KUOPAS is a charitable company owned by the City of Kuopio and provides accommodation for students and their families (spouses and children) in the Kuopio area. Kuopas has 30 apartment buildings around the town situated 0.5 - 8 km from the city centre.

Office address:
Torikatu 15
70110 KUOPIO

Tel: +358 (0)20 710 9740

How to apply? In order to apply for a room or an apartment fill in the application form on the Internet:

Read Kuopas’ general guide for exchange and international degree students here:



Tekman Tuki ry / Tekman Tuki Association
Tekman Tuki association rents rooms and apartments
for students of Savonia University of Applied Sciences
(mainly for students in the School of Engineering and Technology).

Office address:

Tekman Tuki ry
Retkeilijäntie 1 D 2
70200 KUOPIO

Tel. +358 (0)17 282 2831

How to apply? In order to apply for a room or an apartment fill in the application form on the Internet:
Rooms and apartments are situated in the areas of Puijonlaakso and Männistö, both close to the town centre. Most apartments are designed for two to three students who share a kitchen and a bathroom. There are also apartments for couples and families. All rooms are rented without furniture.


Lumo: Rental apartments in Kuopio

Accomodation in Varkaus

Students arriving in Varkaus should ask about the accommodation from the Housing Office of Varkaus town and make a reservation for a room after he/she has been granted a visa to Finland. Students who study inVarkaus, can apply for apartments from Wartalo Kodit Oy. You can fill in the application form on the internet, There are plenty of privately rented apartments available in Varkaus. 

Accomodation in Iisalmi

VVO & Lumo: Rental apartments in Iisalmi

Temporary places to stay overnight

Useful addresses to find a temporary place to stay overnight

Savonia UAS

Savonia is one of Finland's biggest and most versatile universities of applied sciences. Our campuses are situated in Kuopio, Iisalmi and Varkaus. There are almost 6000 students and 600 employees at Savonia. In education we implement Open Innovation Space (OIS), where we combine learning, development, research, and teaching.