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Study Entitlement Matters

A student has the right to pursue studies leading to a first-cycle polytechnic degree or a second-cycle polytechnic degree in accordance with the degree programme concerned and its syllabus and the requirements stipulated in the degree (L 932/2014). 

Education leading to a Bachelor's degree

A student must complete the studies within the time at most exceeding one year, the extent determined for it (regulated time + 1 year) (932/2014). The student receives the right to study at Savonia University of Applied Sciences, once he/she has informed of accepting the study place and at the same time enrols as present or absent for the academic year. Enrolment is binding.

The student loses his/her right to study when he/she has not:

  • enrolled in the statutory manner
  • completed his/her studies in the statutory time

Education leading to a Master’s degree 

In an education leading to a Master’s degree, the maximum time for completion of a study programme of 60 credits is 2 years and a study programme of 90 credits is 3 years.

Savonia UAS

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