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Degree Students Insurance Coverage

The students at Savonia UAS are insured and the insurance is as follows:

  • The student’s statutory accident insurance is valid in unpaid work placements, which are part of the curriculum and in the university when students participate in the practical work training during the course. Only those foreign students, who are studying for a Finnish degree, are covered by this insurance. Exchange students are not covered by this insurance.
  • Voluntary group insurance for accidents supplements the statutory insurance, and is valid when doing other activities which are part of the curriculum. For a student to be covered by this insurance, the student must have permanent residence in Finland and he/she must be covered by the Finnish social security (=student must have a valid Kela-card)
  • Both accident insurances compensate only those expenses which are due to an accident (not e.g. expenses due to an illness)
  • When a student travels abroad, he/she must have travel insurance as an extra security (e.g. for covering expenses if the student falls ill during his/her trip). Student should check his/her home insurance first to see if this insurance includes a travel insurance.
  • Work placement insurance covers the damages the student has directly caused with his/her actions to the property or to the property in the possession of the employer where a student is doing his/her unpaid work placement. This insurance is secondary to the insurances the employer, where the student is doing his/her work placement, already has (this means that the employer’s own insurance conditions must be consulted first).
  • Those damages, which are caused to a third party, are mainly covered by the work placements liability insurance. The student may become personally liable for the damage he/she has caused; with the same conditions an employee is liable towards his/her employer.


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