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Price List

General borrowing charges

  • The first library card is free of charge.
  • Replacement of lost library card 2 €.
  • Borrowing, renewing a loan and reservations are free of charge, however uncollected reservation 0,50 €/item.
  • Library material transportation charge for other (than staff and students) customers 5 €/item.

Overdue fines (students and other customers)

  • 0,40 €/item/day. Max. 8 €/item.
  • Reference collection: 1 €/item/day. Max. 8 €/item.
  • Physical object with 1 day loan period (Campus bicycles, laptops, Exam Room keys): 10 € / delay
  • Lending privileges will be blocked if you have unpaid charges for 20 € or more.
  • Overdue fines over 20 € are invoiced. Unpaid invoices can be sent to collection.

Lost or damaged items

  • Lost items (over 30 days overdue) are invoiced with overdue fines, purchase price and a handling charge of 6 €/item. If a loan is returned after invoicing, handling charges and overdue fines must be paid.
  • Unpaid invoices can be sent to the debt collection agency. Loans, which are on collection process can not be returned to the library.
  • Book replacement charge is the purchase price (min. 8 €), alternatively the customer can purchase the book for the library. Handling charges (6 €/item) are added to both.
  • Audiovisual material replacement charge is the purchase price (min. 8 €) including borrowing and presentation rights. Handling charges (6 €/item) are added.
  • Other replacement charges will be negotiated with the library.

Interlibrary loan charges

  • For staff and students book loans or article photocopy from the Repository Library are free of charge. Interlibrary loans from other Finnish libraries 5 €/item. Students who are writing thesis: 5 interlibrary loan or article copies for free from other finnish libraries.
  • For other customers book loans from the Repository Library are 5 €/item. Interlibrary loans from other Finnish libraries 20 €/item.
  • Uncollected items are invoiced according to the price list.
  • Interlibrary service to other libraries (except other UAS libraries) is 10 €/item or article photocopy.

Information retrieval services

  • Using databases and database guidance are free of charge.
  • Ordered information retrieval service is 20 €/hour for staff and students, 60 €/hour for other customers.
  • Information skills training is free of charge for staff and students, 100 €/lesson for other customers.

These prices are valid from the 1st of March 2018 in Iisalmi, Microkatu and Varkaus Campus Libraries and Opistotie Self-Service Library. Approved 12th February 2018 by the manager of the ltd and the President of Savonia UAS Mervi Vidgrén.


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