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Library Rules

The Library is open for everybody however, the staff and the students of Savonia University of Applied Science are the primary customers.

Library card

You can have borrowing privileges and a library card after you have proved your identity. By doing it you are committed to the library regulations and instructions. If you are under15, you must have permission of your guardian. Please note, the library card is personal and so its use. The customer is solely responsible every time a material is borrowed with his/her card therefore, you must not lend borrowed items to anyone else.

The customers are responsible for informing the Library of the loss of the library card and any change of name or address.

User register

The Personal Data Act’s section 13 (22nd of April, 1999/523) and EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679) are followed in handling of personal information. A customer is entitled to check the information about him/her in the database. The user register is used solely for information on borrowed items and the data from this register will not be divulged to outside parties. A file description is available on the Library’s web site (in Finnish).


The customer is committed to respect the loan periods. Material that is out on loan can be reserved. The customer cannot reserve material, which he/she currently has on loan. The loans can be renewed 15 times, provided there are no reservations and the customer does not have charges over the limit.

Electronic resources

Customers can use all electronic information resources available in the library. The staff and students of Savonia University of Applied Science are offered an off-campus access to the electronic resources with licence. The customer must follow the special access terms and conditions defined in the licence agreements.

Interlibrary service

Loans and copies from the Library's own collections are sent to other libraries. Library loans original publication or facsimiles from other libraries for materials that are not held in the Library's own collections. General interlibrary rules are followed in the Library's Interlibrary Services.

Charges, replacement and a suspension of library privileges

Library’s basic services are free of charge. Other services, like information service and interlibrary service, are paid services according to the price in the valid price list.

The Library collects charges for overdue, lost or damaged material according to the price list. Exceeding the charge limit will result in losing customer’s lending privileges until the fines are paid.

Customer can lose his/her Library privileges if he/she is contravening these Regulations or behaving disturbingly in the library.

These Library Rules are valid from the 1st of August 2008 in Library of Savonia University of Applied Sciences and are on view at all library units. Library units may have their own instructions added to these regulations.

Approved by the Library and Information Services Team on the 24th of January 2008 and University Board of Savonia University of Applied Sciences 22nd of April 2008. Updated 1st of October 2018.


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