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Inter-Library Service

Interlibrary loan service aims to make materials available to everyone.

Local customers

Publications or photocopies that are not available at Savonia UAS libraries or in local libraries can be ordered from other libraries if needed. Both the national general rules as well as the conditions set by the lending library apply to interlibrary loans. Please check the price list for charges. Interlibrary loan request can be made at the library's customer service or you can use this form.

Article copies of journals from the National Repository Library can be ordered in Savonia-Finna.

For students who are writing thesis: You can have 5 interlibrary loan or article copies for free from other finnish libraries!

Other libraries

Savonia UAS libraries send loans and photocopies to other libraries. Please check the price list for charges. The following materials are not available on interlibrary loan: 

  • video cassettes or DVDs
  • course books or reference books 
  • old and valuable books
  • journals 

For more information please contact the library.

Please use this form to make an interlibrary loan request.



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