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Most of the library services at Savonia UAS are available to everyone. There are, however, some charges and restrictions. 


In order to borrow material from the library, you need a library card. A library card can be obtained from the library when borrowing for the first time but please take an ID-card along. By doing this, you are committed to the Library rules. For more information, see guide How to use the library.

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Inter-Library Service 

Interlibrary loan service aims to make materials available to everyone. For more information, see Inter-library service's web page.

Request from National Repository Library

If you need article copies from the National Repository Library, you can make a request via Savonia-Finna. See instructions in Savonia-Finna.

Accessible books for Savonia students

If you have a print disability, you can listen to course books in the format of talking books via Celia Library online services. Celia's services are free of charge after registration. You can register at the Savonia UAS Library.  

Information Service

If you need help with information retrieval or databases, read Savonia LibGuides, book an appointment with the information specialist or contact the customer service. Guidance is free of charge; information retrieval done on request is in most cases chargeable.

Price List

For information of overdue fees etc, see the price list. For paying online, see Savonia-Finna help.

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