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E-week highlights library’s e-materials 19.-23.3.

Savonia library’s e-materials are highlighted during e-week 19.-23.3.

The library organizes e-clinics, where you can get help and tips about e-materials via Zoom or in the Microkatu and Opistotie libraries. You can join in any time during the e-clinics, ask questions or just listen to the presentations about e-materials.

In addition, there is also a small survey about e-materials. All those who answer, will take part in a raffle.

E-clinic schedule:


Mon. 19.3. at 12.30–13.00 (e-clinic & e-materials in Finna)

Wed. 21.3. at 10.30–11.00 (e-clinic & e-magazines)

Fri. 23.3. at 12.00–12.30 (e-clinic & e-books)

In the Library:

Microkatu library: Mon. 19.3. at 11.00–12.00 and Thur. 22.3. at 11.00–12.00

Opistotie library: Tue. 20.3. at 12.00–13.00 and Wed. 21.3. at 12.00–13.00




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