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Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

The aim of the recognition of prior learning is that a student can make use of his/her previous competence as part of his/her degree, irrespective of where the competence has been gained: in an institution of higher education, in work life, leisure activities, in other education, etc. The only clear limitation is that studies and work experience which have given eligibility for becoming a student at Savonia cannot be accredited.

You can map your competence before starting your studies: compare your skills and knowledge to those required in the degree programme and its competence standards. More detailed information can be found in course descriptions. If your skills and knowledge match the objectives of the courses, you can discuss RPL with your student counsellor or tutor teacher.

The application for RPL requires a written documentation of your skills and knowledge and sometimes you also need to give further evidence of your competence by showing/ giving proof of your skills and knowledge.

When you start your studies, the school informs you what the RPL application process requires and how it is started.

A student can apply for recognition of credits for those studies, work placements and other competences completed elsewhere which are in accordance with the objectives of the curriculum. At Savonia UAS, identifying and recognising student’s previously acquired competence is done as a part of the student’s overall counselling.

Student's personal study and career plan (PSP) is a student based channel to utilise student’s previously acquired competences, as this plan combines previously acquired competence, study plan and student’s objectives.

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