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LI19SP Bachelor Degree Programme in International Business

Course Description

Code4 LICO350
NameSurvival Finnish
Credits5 ects
ObjectivesThe aim is to help the foreign student to adapt to the Finnish environment at the beginning of studies. The student will learn easy words and phrases needed in everyday situations. He or she will increase the awareness of characteristics of the Finnish way of life, culture and society.
ContentWords and phrases: introductions, greetings, filling in forms with personal information, general signs and notices, places around, asking directions, grocery shopping etc. Basic structures.
RequirementsWritten and/or oral examination, assignment(s)
MethodsActivating lectures, guided oral exercises in small groups, writing exercises.
Grading Scale0 - 5
Course materialProvided by the teacher
Prerequisites -
Other Considerations
Leskinen Hanna

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