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Project Information
NameKuopio Health Lab, development
ContactPetteri Jääskeläinen
DescriptionThe Kuopio region is known by its health and wellbeing technology expertise, development and companies. It is
necessary to create a wellbeing technology product development and testing environment that meets the needs of
both manufacturers and health care sector. This environment strengthens our areas entrepreneurship sector and
possibilities for international markets.

During this project, wellbeing technology product development and testing environment (Kuopio Health Lab) is created as well as related training and expert services for the environment. In Kuopio Health Lab, for example health
technology start-ups can develop their own solutions, such as health and wellness games, applications, devices, and
software. Savonia UAS experts evaluate these solutions and their suitability for healthcare sector. The well-being
technology testing environment assess the potential of product ideas in the healthcare sector, makes products for
customer segmentation, usability testing, and supports companies in the product development process.

Kuopio Health Lab provides health technology companies with an early product development and testing environment. Early stage testing and evaluation makes it possible to make appropriate investments by businesses, accelerate product development processes and avoid mistakes in product development.

Kuopio Health Lab collaborates with Living Lab coordinated by Kuopio City and Kuopio University Hospital. This way,
we enable development path from idea to the market. After the project, the Kuopio Health Lab and its services are
available for start-ups, student projects, SMEs and companies already in the international market.
Funded byEAKR Flat Rate 2014-2020

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