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Project Information
NameTransition to University Autonomy in Kazakhstan
ContactMarina Malinen
DescriptionThe aim of the project is to provide a basis for consensus around a feasible model of university autonomy for Kazakhstan that can help to take decisions about what level of fiscal and academic autonomy that is desirable.

The objectives are:
- Analysis of the state of the play and need of university autonomy in Kazakhstan and suggest/recommend a model of university governance.
- To clearly define the roles of key stakeholders of academic governance.
- To engage the stakeholders in a more in-depth debate on autonomy and provide institutional perspective on autonomy by involving the rectors, i.e. this project is offering a bottom-up approach.
- To contribute to a constructive discussion together with the Ministries, about the model of governance to apply in Kazakh universities.
- To implement on a pilot basis the model of autonomy.
- To establish a Consulting Group for assistance to universities implementing the governance reform.
- To disseminate the results and achievments of the project and the experiences gained by the Partner universities and the Ministries.
Funded byErasmus + 2017-2020

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