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Project Information
NameFarm safety development
ContactPasi Eskelinen
DescriptionIn North Savo is 3500 agricultural and horticultural companies, which are employing about 7000 people. In addition
agriculture employs large group of contractors, sales and administration workers and family members. Accidents and
small damages happens very often in agricultural and forest farms. Those could be avoided with systematic risk
analyses and preparation. Approximately 10% of farm level working people are involved in accidents in working
Farm safety development project (later MATUKE) is aiming to increase farm safety degree to new level permanently.
The key topic of the MATUKE project is educate farm workers to basic safety manners. Also owners and farm
managerís role to orientate new employee to safe working environment is an important topic. Project is targeting to
educate 480 persons and 1154 days of participation in North Savo Area.
MATUKE project will be operated in North Savo during 1.8.2018-31.12.2020. Savonia UAS is coordinating the project.
Ylä-Savon Koulutuskuntayhtymä (YSAO - school for professionals) ja Luonnonvarakeskus (later LUKE, National research centre) are associated partners. Project financing is applied from European Social fund as an education project. Education, information and coordination are the elements of this project.
Funded byESR Flat Rate 2014-2020

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