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Project Information
NameLUOVA VETO! Creative industries for improving Pohjois-Savo regions competitiveness and wellbeing
ContactRaisa Leinonen
DescriptionThe meaning of creative industries for the Pohjois-Savo regionís economy, attraction and wellbeing has been on the
table for 20 years. Nationally the expectations for the economic growth in the creative industries are great but so far,
the expectations have not been in all respects fulfilled. In one perspective, this is due to systems that have been
created to support industrial manufacture and these systems have not been able to consider the possibilities that
creativeness, culture and arts can offer or the development needs that creative industries have.
Regions in Finland invest in creative industries in different levels. Pohjois-Savo regionís EU funding has been less than
half of the national level, being only 2,2 percent.
The aim of this project is to create regional development program for creative industry, culture and arts and implement
experimentations to create business activities and employment, increase networking and enhance the operating
conditions. The region needs own support structure and multidisciplinary co-operation so the creative industries
regional economic importance grows, the international activity multiply, the availability of the well-being services will
improve and the whole region becomes more attractive for the businesses and the citizens. Pohjois-Savo requires
more creative businesses to boost the growth of the creative industry.Creative sectors are particularly promoted
through business development activities for creative sectors.
Funded byEAKR Flat Rate 2014-2020

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