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About ABOWE project

ABOWE project (Implementing Advanced Concepts for Biological Utilization of Waste, 12/2012-12/2014) was an extension stage of the REMOWE project (Regional Mobilization of Sustainable Waste to Energy Production, 12/2009-12/2012).

As a direct result from REMOWE, the partnership from six countries continued to work with two promising technologies, unlocking investments with support from the Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007-2013.

In ABOWE, two mobile pilot plants were built and tested by the partnership within the Baltic Sea Region. These pilots are Pilot A (based on a novel Biorefinery concept from Finnoflag Oy, Finland) and Pilot B (based on a German Dry Fermentation process). The pilot tests in different countries formed the basis for compilation of investment memos and organization of introductory seminars / investor events. Also the regional model, developed in REMOWE, was utilized to evaluate e.g. the feedstock potentials and climatic impacts of the new processes from the regions' perspective.

The desired outcome from ABOWE are implementer/investor driven continuation projects targeting full scale plant investments of the two technologies.

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