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Tip of April: Safari Books Online – Much and more about information technology!

Are you interested in game programming or mobile apps? Do you need a guide for CAD/ Revit Architechture/ Excel 2010?
Do you want to find information about electric motors? Tips for using digital camera? Tips for programming apps using Google Maps?

Answers can be found from Safari Books Online which contains over 5000 titles. Safari provides amongst other things e-books of information technology, digital media, programming, IT administration,  IT security, project management, math and business.

Safari Books Online consist of electric books from the world's premier IT publishers, including Cisco Press, John Wiley & Sons, Microsoft Press, McGraw-Hill, O'Reilly Media ja Prentice Hall. The Rough Cuts service provides early access to books as they are being written.

E-books can be read with many operating systems, including Android. There are also mobile apps available for e-books reading.

You are able to use Safari e-books through Nelli portal home page by clicking the E-Books link on the left side, and then selecting Safari Books Online from the list.

By logging in to Nelli with your personal Savonia UAS username and password, you are able to read Safari’s books also outside of Savonia’s web.

You are also able to access Safari’s e-books via Savonia library’s Aapeli database by searching with author, title or keyword. Browsing of Safari’s books is possible only in Safari Books Online.   

Only two person are able to log into Safari at one time. If you receive a message: “There are no sessions available" it means  the maximum number of connections has reached.

Please try logging in again later to access content.

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