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Sairaalakatu Campus Library: Engineering books and lot of space to work

Library at Sairaalakatu

Place looks empty but library is here, at building 3. The gate near theatre is open, the other one is always closed. The library will be open in Sairaalakatu this autumm.
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At the ground floor we have engineering books and for example books of social sciences.

Journals, It-room and printer are upstairs. There is plenty of space to work at the library.

Check always from Aapeli, where the book is situated. For example an engineering book can locate at Sairaalakatu, Microkatu or Varkaus Campus Library.  Whit Fetching service for an item on shelf you can order books and pick it up at any Campus Library.

Reserving a book (video)
Fetching Service for an item on shelf


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