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Savonia received a record number of international applicants in 2019


This year, Savonia received a record number of international applicants; the application period to Savonia’s four Bachelor English Programmes ended on January 23, 2019.

Savonia’s number of international applicants doubled compared to the results gotten last year. In January 2019 Savonia received a total of 1120 international applications; in January 2018 Savonia received 625. The most popular programmes were the Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Nursing with the 31% of the total applications, and the Bachelor of Business Administration with the 29% of the total applications. The Bachelor of Engineering in Internet of Things and the Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering received 23% and 18% of the total applications respectively.

International applicants were able to apply to more than one university with the same application; international applicants arranged their applications to one or more universities according to their level of preference. In this aspect Savonia also performed better. In 2019, Savonia was chosen by 45% of the total applicants as their first option; in 2018, Savonia was chosen by 42% of the total applicants as their first option.

The largest number of applicants are from Bangladesh, China, Nigeria and Russia. The next step will be to review all the received applications. Students will be selected at the beginning of May. The selection methods vary according to the degree programme. For instance, the nursing degree has a preliminary assignment and an interview; for other programmes the SAT tests results are considered. All new students will begin their studies at the end of August 2019.

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