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Coronavirus Information

This information was last updated on 3.9.2020.

Savonia UAS wishes to ensure the health and safety of staff, students and partners during the coronavirus pandemic. In this page, you can find and follow all of the coronavirus information and instructions provided by Savonia UAS. Staff and students will also receive more detailed information through Savonia’s Intranet (Santra and Reppu). 

On August 4th, the Ministry of Education and Culture provided a list of recommendations aimed at reducing the coronavirus spread and risk of infection. According to the recommendations, each university of applied sciences can decide on the safe and most appropriate measures to organise and deliver the teachings during the autumn semester.

In spite of the above, Savonia will arrange its operations in such a way that a safety distance is easy to maintain. For students, the autumn semester will be composed by a mix of on-campus and online teachings; on-campus teachings will be arranged in large classrooms whenever possible. Persons with symptoms of a respiratory infection such as a cold, cough or fever, are not allowed to come to the campus. During the autumn semester Savonia will not organise any large events on-campus. Whenever large events are to be arranged, they will be arranged online. 

The recommendations of the Ministry of Culture and Education emphasise the importance of keeping a good hand hygiene, covering coughs and intensifying the cleaning of public spaces. As per recommendation, the intensified cleaning of Savonia’s premises started on August 10th, 2020. 

Announcement 3.9.2020: A person who was infected with a coronavirus has visited the Microkatu campus

Teaching and campus services:

Special arrangements and online teaching will continue during the autumn semester in order to avoid large crowds on the campus. The arrangements will be specific for each group, please check your study schedule for more details.

Starting from August 10th, 2020 the campus access keys will be activated for staff and students; the campus facilities can be used freely until further notice. Student services and restaurants will also operate normally starting from August 10th, 2020.



The recommendation is that internships are to be continued whenever this is possible at the workplace and whenever both, the training provider and employer, consider that the work environment is safe for the student. However, changes in internship periods are very likely in this situation. Changes in training should be agreed with your own training supervisor.

A separate instruction has been made for students in the Social and Health Care field.

Students with extended study right:

If you are studying on extended study right and your graduation is delayed for reasons independent to your actions – for example the practical training is cancelled or discontinued by the employer – the extension can exceptionally be continued. In such a case you should contact Savonia’s Manager of Study Affairs, Anne Koskela,, before the end of your extended study right.

SYKETTÄ sport services:

Sykettä sport services are operating normally during autumn semester. Special attention will be given to group sizes and hygiene in the sports facilities. We continue to follow the higher education and government guidelines and will adapt the services accordingly.

Student insurance:

Students of Savonia are insured when they are studying based on their study schedule, regardless of the location. Unscheduled homework is not included in the insurance coverage.

Travelling abroad:

All incoming and outgoing student exchanges scheduled to begin during the autumn semester will be cancelled or postponed to 2021. This applies to both long-term and short-term exchanges.

What to do if you feel ill?

If you have any respiratory symptoms such as cold, cough, or fever, you cannot come to campus. Always contact the health care services by phone first. You will then get further instructions. Please do not enter the health care centre or hospital before you have received instructions over the phone.


The Finnish Government recommends avoiding non-essential travel to and from other than those countries for which the restrictions on entry have been lifted. You can find the current list of countries that are no longer subject to a border control from this link. If you are coming to Finland from any other country than listed in the link, you must stay in a quarantine for 14 days. If the quarantine is required, you must contact Savonia before coming to Finland through to get detailed information about arrival and arrangements.

A person in quarantine should avoid close contact with people outside of their family. They may go outside as long as they don’t go near other people. For example, they are not allowed to go to school, or to enter shops or engage in social hobbies because it is difficult to avoid close contact when doing such things. Quarantine is used to prevent further transmissions from a person who is potentially infected but asymptomatic. If a person in the quarantine develops symptoms, they will be referred to a test.

If you are in temporary quarantine, contact your teacher tutor via email. You can find information about your teacher tutor in Wilma or in the section Starting studies. If, as a new student, you do not know your teacher tutor, you can contact student services.

Wearing a mask on campus:

Masks should be worn on campus in situations where keeping a safe distance is not possible. These can include for example teaching in simulation facilities and other close-contact situations, mainly in class. In such events masks are provided by Savonia. Students are also welcome to freely use their own masks on campus.

Risk groups due to illness or treatment:

If you belong to a risk group and, due to your health condition or treatment, are not able to participate in on-campus teaching at all, please contact your study counselor by email. You must present a document describing your state of health (possibly a doctor's statement) to the tutor, on the basis of which we will arrange distance and self-study options or make changes to the personal study plan (PSP). If, as a new student, you do not know your study advisor, you can contact student services.

Changes in health care services:

Changes in normal health care services: Kuopio student health care’s vaccination reception without appointment is cancelled. If you need a vaccination you can make an appointment by phone.

Mental wellbeing:

If you feel worried or stressed by the corona-situation, you can contact us – we are here to help you! Welfare counsellors, school ministers and health care services are at your service.


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