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Mechanical Engineering

Student experiences: Mechanical Engineering

Ayush Pradhan: Kuopio is full of opportunities

- My name is Ayush Pradhan and I come from India, I have taken bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Why Savonia?

- I chose Savonia as it is located in a town full of opportunities. Savonia is a small university and it’s good to see that every teacher focuses on each student as well, unlike big universities where they have batches for 80 - 90 students. 

- I love being here as I am able to talk to students from various countries and understand their culture. There is not much pressure on you for exams or homework, and so I can do my other activities peacefully.

In the future Ayush is focusing on becoming an expert in robotics, artificial intelligence and data analysis.


Amine Bouhadane: Savonia feels great!

- I chose Savonia because I wanted to study something that I like, in the way that I like and somewhere where I feel great, says Amine Bouhadane. He comes from Morocco and he’s studying Mechanical engineering in Savonia.

- Savonia is the place where I found all of this. An interesting study program based on practical work, less study hours and more activities. I also wanted to go somewhere quiet and clean and Kuopio is the best place. It is a very nice city surrounded by forests and lakes where you can enjoy skiing and snowboarding during winter and swimming and hiking during the summer.

Amine says, that that studying in Savonia is very interesting.

- The lecturers give you the most important things and you have to work but trust me it is interesting!  We also have many activities, a variety of sports and a lot of student events. Kuopio is a small city but you'll find anything you need here.

- I’m planning to make an exchange in the 3rd year to one of Savonia's many partner universities, after that I will do some internships in Finland before going back to my country and make partnerships with some Finnish companies in the sector of mechanical engineering.


Victor Awakan

Victor Awakan

My name is Awakan Victor Pelumi. I am from Lagos, Nigeria and I am presently living and studying in Kuopio. My journey to become a Savonia student is an interesting one. I was studying in a European university before moving to Finland. While I was in my former school I felt something was missing in the teaching and structure of the program. In Savonia, I got more than I was looking for. The students are few which gave the lecturers the ability to know the students’ needs and give assistance promptly. The lecturers are eager to help academically and psychologically.

Internship might be one of the most difficult thing to get as a foreign student without Finnish language skills, but Savonia doesn’t leave you to deal with it on your own. The lecturers and study advisor try their best to match your skills with local Finnish companies in the area.

Savonia is the best school to study Mechanical Engineering in Finland. You don’t only study what it takes to be an engineer, but you get a chance to visit local companies and see how your learning is been applied. Not only that, you get to apply yours skills in brainstorming section, coming up with innovative ideas and actually making the idea come to life by actually make it into a school project.

Savonia gives you everything you need to succeed as a mechanical engineering student. The 3D printing and welding laboratory is open for students to try out their different ideas and see how they come out in real life.

Kuopio gives you the feel of a modern city while combining it nicely with a breathtaking forest view. The winter brings beautiful scenes with activities like skating, ice-fishing and skiing while you get to walk in the forest and swim in the nice lake Kallavesi in the summer and not to forget the Finnish sauna.

There is no doubt in my mind that Savonia is the best place to study mechanical engineering. Come and experience the best of education and nature!


Anna Prudan

Anna PrudanMy name is Anna Prudan and I am a second year Mechanical Engineering student. I came to Finland from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Now, I would like to answer the question, what I typically hear after those words: Why have I decided to move to Kuopio from such a big city and become a student of Savonia UAS? Honestly, I understood that Finnish education is better for me because it gives more opportunities in the future. This is provided by the fact that during our studies we have a lot more practice. What is more, university helps us with finding internship. Last but not least, we have a lot of opportunities of student exchanges.

During our studies we had a lot of projects, where we were real engineers. We had to create mechanisms, business plans, drawings, etc. in real international atmosphere. This is a great skill for the future. I find this part of studies most inspiring. During summer I had an internship in Russian Engineering company, where I created 3D models. It is possible to find a job even after 1st year of studies, because you gain a lot of computer skills at the beginning. Finland is a very peaceful and quiet place. People are very open-minded and ready for experiments. Kuopio is a city, which has a good placement and wonderful nature.

Now I study as hard as I can, because the second year includes a lot of subjects, which are complicated for me. Studies helped me to become more concentrated and opinionated. I gained a lot of skills in time-management and communication with people all over the world. The most memorable thing for me was our own project’s presentation in the end of the previous year.

However, if I now had an opportunity to become a first year student again, I would:

  • be more open-minded;
  • be braver;
  • be more active.


Anita Khatri

Moi, I am Anita KC from Nepal. I came to Finland in 2015 to study Mechanical Engineering at Savonia University of Applied Sciences in Kuopio. Mechanical Engineering at Savonia includes both engineering and management studies. So, within this one year of time I've got the opportunity to study and explore wider knowledge in mechanical and management fields. One of the best parts of Savonia is that all the teachers are very cooperative and always ready to help you with all the study issues and give useful advice when you need. They always try to motivate each and every student to learn new things. They also organize many field visits in different Finnish companies for us to gain the practical knowledge which includes manufacturing and managing in real life. Savonia also offers the possibility to spend one or two semesters abroad as an exchange student at some other international university.

I would recommend Savonia. It is the best place to explore your abilities and develop your skills in the field of engineering. In addition, Kuopio is a peaceful city with many lakes which give you positive vibes through its' natural beauty.



Manahari Paudel

Hei, I am Manahari Paudel from Nepal and I am a 2nd year Mechanical Engineering student at Savonia. My interest in mechanical engineering brought me to Savonia. To come to study at Savonia, from the crowded city of Kathmandu to peaceful Kuopio was an amazing feeling. Beautiful, peaceful Kuopio is less crowded, everything is situated around the city center and it's easy to hang around here. I am now more focused on my studies and in my interest in mechanical field.

Mechanical Engineering with industrial management studies give us wide knowledge on both engineering and BBA. We can gain knowledge on both sales and production. Savonia is the best place to study mechanical engineering. Every semester there are two to three field visit where we can get to know the industries around Kuopio, Finland. We have highly qualified teachers who help us on our every step with our studies. All the field visits were my most memorable times at Savonia because if I weren't a student here I might not have any chances to visit such places.

Savonia UAS

Savonia is one of Finland's biggest and most versatile universities of applied sciences. Our campuses are situated in Kuopio, Iisalmi and Varkaus. There are almost 6000 students and 600 employees at Savonia. In education we implement Open Innovation Space (OIS), where we combine learning, development, research, and teaching.