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SAT test

The SAT Test, organised by the College Board, is given all over the world on simultaneous test dates. 
For further information on the test, visit the College Board website at

What kind of test is SAT?

SAT consists of

  1. Reading test
  2. Writing and Language test
  3. Math test
  4. Essay

Read more about the test at the College Board website at

What kind of SAT test score does Savonia UAS require?

SAT test is not used as a proof of English language skills. SAT test is used as a basis of selecting students. SAT test is not required if you participate the entrance exam in China or in Finland. If you cannot participate the entrance exam, you have to take SAT test.

Savonia UAS requires you to take the SAT test which includes Reading test, Writing and Language test and Math test. Essay is not required. Please note that SAT Subject Tests are not accepted. Only new SAT scores taken after 1 March 2016 are accepted.

Savonia UAS requires a minimum score of 400 from Evidence-Based Reading and Writing, and 400 from Mathematics.

When does Savonia UAS need your SAT result?

Savonia UAS must have your SAT score by 8 April 2020. That is why the SAT Test should be taken no later than on the March 2020 test date. Check registration deadlines on the SAT website; the registration closes approximately one month before the test dates.

How does Savonia get your SAT result?

SAT score must arrive to Savonia UAS Admission Services directly from the College Board. Please fill in the designated institution code 7448 when you register for SAT. You can also order score reports at any time after your test through your online account. More information can be found from


When, where and how can you take SAT?

Dates for the international tests can be found at

Test locations can be found on the Test centers page

There are specific requirements for international applicants from certain countries. Please check if there are any that would concern you

How can you register to SAT?

To learn about registration, take a look at registration instructions at

You can also watch videos which are not created by the official SAT organization but describe what the registration process is about.
See for instance

Please note that the video is meant for US applicants, so international applicants give slightly different information while they register.
Savonia UAS disclaims any responsibility for registration instructions that are given by other parties than College Board, the official organization behind SAT.

How much does SAT cost?

Read more about the test fees at


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