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Bachelor's Degree Programmes

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Do you want to become a professional, who is able to work globally and is fluent in the English language? If yes, then you are welcome to study in an international environment of Savonia. We have students from over 20 countries and therefore we can call all Savonia campuses truly international. The next application period is on 7 - 20 January 2021 and studies begin in the end of August 2021.


In 2021 Savonia offers four Bachelor's Degree Programmes conducted in English.


Kuva nuolipalloBachelor of Business Administration, International Business

Facts about studying in Bachelor's degree programme

A Bachelor's degree programme consists of a wide range of courses aiming at specialist jobs in which expertise is required.

The degree programme may consist of several specialisation fields, which means that part of the specialised studies aim at a job in which a certain kind of professional expertise is required.

A study module consists of two or more courses which are usually grouped on the basis of the subject or the problem area they are focused on.

A course is the basic unit. The objectives of the courses are defined in this guide book. The course may include different kinds of instruction and studies such as lectures, exercises, workshops, working in laboratories, visits to companies as well as independent study. The scale of the courses are defined as a number of ECTS credit units. One academic year consists of 1600 hours of student work load, or 60 ECTS credits (One ECTS credit is approximately 26,67 hours).

A personal curriculum is an individual plan made by the student and accepted by the Savonia.

Take a look how we study at Savonia:



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