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How to learn Finnish?

Start using Finnish in everyday life. Learn phrases and use them when you study, have lunch and when you travel by bus or go to the library.

Take part in Finnish courses in Savonia, UEF and in Community Colleges or International Meeting Points. All the relevant links you can find on Moodle > “suomi” > Ways of learning Finnish and getting a job in North Savo (PPT).

Watch TV-series, listen to radio and podcasts in Yle Areena. Read Easy to Read books and magazines (selkosuomi). Discuss with your fellow students – in Finnish of course!

Enroll to Finnish courses in Wilma or in CampusOnline. Other Universities of Applied Sciences offer these courses for free!

Your plan for Finnish courses

First you should enroll to Finnish courses for example in:

Kompassi or Community College in Kuopio, Iisalmi or Varkaus.your gain level will be A1.1-A1.3.

If you can't take those courses, you should study in the internet, e.g. in:

Yle / The Basics of Finnish: 0 – A1
Yle / Easyfinnish: 0 – A1
Rovala-opisto / Moninet: 0 – A1.3
LAMK, Salpaus, OSSI / Osaamisen paikka: 0 - B1.2
Yle / Supisuomea


After studying Basics of Finnish there are several Finnish courses in Savonia. You can enroll from 17th of August 2020 until 6th of September in Savonia koulutuskalenteri or in CampusOnline.

In the Autumn 2020 you can enroll to Savonia's Finnish course aiming at level A2.2. Please, send an email to Finnish teachers or ! A pilot course is organized in the autumn of 2020.

After that you can plan your own path either by yourself or with Kukka-Maaria Raatikainen.

All the listed courses are online courses in which the instructions are given in Finnish. All but one are 5 credits, expect Language Cafe 2 credits.

Language Cafe and Oral Finnish include lessons in Zoom two times per week. Other courses you accomplish independently online.

Working life Finnish B1.1, nonstop

Written Finnish B1.2, nonstop

Language Cafe in Zoom B1-B2


Written Finnish B2, nonstop

Oral Finnish B2 (Zoom lessons)


Finnish for Engineers B2, nonstop

Finnish for Nurses B2, nonstop

Finnish for Teachers B2, nonstop


Written Finnish C1-taso, nonstop


Summercourses (enrolling in Feb-Mar):

Written Finnish B1.2

Written Finnish B2

Written Finnish C1-taso

Finnish for Nurses B2

Finnish for Engineers B2

Finnish for Teachers B2


New ones:

Finnish course aiming at level A2.2

Finnish course aiming at level B2.2


More info and links

If you want to know more, please check the Moodle course (mainly in Finnish):

Learning languages and communication in Savonia
“Kielten ja viestinnän opiskelu Savoniassa”

If you need more support, please contact:

Senior Lecturer and Coordinator in Finnish Language
Kukka-Maaria Raatikainen

Finnish teacher
Kaja Rahkema

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