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Services for immigrants

Guidance and Counselling Services and Recognition of Competences for Immigrants – SIMHE in Savonia UAS

Savonia offers guidance for highly educated immigrants. We can help you to recognize your competences and to find suitable educational and career paths. We offer services for you if you have completed secondary education that gives you eligibility to apply for higher education, have studied in higher education, or have already completed a degree in higher education. 

We offer you:

Who can have this service?

You can have this service if you are eligible to apply for higher education, have completed studies in higher education, or have completed a degree in higher education. You don’t have to have a certain status: you can be immigrant, refugee or a asylum seeker. You just need to stay in North Savo area.

What will you get?

  • You will get information about how to apply to a Finnish institution of higher education.
  • If you have already studied in higher education you can get advice on continuing or complementing your studies.
  • We will help you to find your own your possibilities in the Finnish education system and find your own study path.
  • We will also help you to adjust in Finnish society.
  • If you need help to develop your own job career, we can help you with that also.

How can you get guidance?

Send us email
Let’s meet either in Zoom/Skype (online)!

Kaja Rahkema
Tel. +358 44 785 6330

Kukka-Maaria Raatikainen
Tel. +358 44 785 6633

Personal Guidance Discussion

You may book a time for a personal guidance discussion in which we go through your previous studies and what kind of hopes and ideas you have for your future education and career. 

Book a time for personal guidance discussion by sending e-mail to

Consider the following topics before coming to the discussion:

  • What have you studied before and what are your skills and competences?
  • Are you interested in supplementing your previous studies for example by taking courses via Open university?
  • Do you plan to start studies in higher education for the first time, or do you wish to enter in a totally new field of study?
  • What are your career plans?
  • How is your life in general in relation to continuing or starting studies?

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