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Savonia’s English education is of interest to young Kosovars

Meeting in Gjakova Kosovo.

Virpi Laukkanen and Ardita Hoxha-Jahja from Savonia visited Kosovo in early December with Erasmus+ Global Mobility Funding. They visited the current partner universities of Savonia, and two potential new partner universities. During the trip, they also met with the Heads of Education in the cities of Pristina and Gjakova, and introduced the Savonia’s English Bachelor Degree Programs to high school students and upper secondary students.

In Kosovo, there is a strong interest in Finnish education, and Pristina has, for example, a Finnish School, an international school that largely follows the Finnish curriculum. The Finnish education system is well known and highly valued there.

Gjakova's local television made a short program that included interviews with Virpi, Ardita, Rector of Gjakova University Artan Niman, and Bekim Ermeni. The interview highlighted Savonia's English education under the title: "Savonia opens doors for Kosovar students". The link to the video.

Savonia UAS

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