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Savonia is participating in an international food industry project

Savonia´s Future Food – product development environment has been chosen to be the data transfer and exchange center of the Finnish and Nordic food industry knowledge. Savonia produces and transfers diversified information in collaboration with other European partners. In proportion partners do similar data transfer in their own countries.

Total budget of the project is 4 million euros and Savonia´s portion of the budget is approximately 236 000 € funded by the European Commission.

Savonia´s tasks are related particularly to food industry entrepreneurship with different models and tools, like modelling consumer-orientated innovation measures and data transferring using the different channels.

Additionally Savonia´s role is to organize various training events for food industry both in Finland and also abroad like in the Entrepreneurship Summer Academy in the course of three years.

Project is coordinated by Ireland, IT Tralee, which is also Savonia´s Erasmus partner. Participating members (19) come from nine European countries: Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and Spain. From Finland there are four companies, one of them, Maitomaa Cooperative, in Savo area. Project is funded by the European Union in the Seventh Framework Programme.

Savonia will host the meeting of the project consortium in Kuopio 2014.

Future Food provides product development, consumer research and quality training services for the companies in food product chain. Savonia is supporting companies with innovating, producing, productisation and commercialization of the products and the services.

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