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Read Savonia's new blog: Internationalization for all!

”Students graduating from Finnish higher education institutions should have the competences to act in international, multicultural environments and understand diversity, global challenges and the principles of a sustainable society”, a quote of the objective explicitly set by the Ministry of Education and Culture already a couple of years ago. It is a fact that, for one reason or another, not all students go on exchange abroad to gain international experience, and therefore also other ways of supporting acquisition of international competences during studies must be generated.

We start now a new blog series called “Internationalisation for all!” to highlight the versatile models how international competences are developed in our different study fields. The importance of sharing the experiences related to these models has prompted us to introduce a series of monthly publications, each one presenting one great way to promote the international competences of the Savonia’s students and staff.

As a kickoff for this series, you can read the writing of Savonia’s Manager of International Relations, Virpi Laukkanen.

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