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Supervision, assessment and feedback

Supervision of training

Learning is based on description of the initial level, goals and self-evaluation. A description of the initial level and goals is composed by the student and confirmed by the tutor teacher before commencement of the practical training. Should problems occur during the training period, intervention form can be used to clear up the matter. The  processing model of KUH can help recognize challenging situations.

The student is aware that to ensure patient safety, fulfilment of training goals and attainment of professional skills the educational institution has the right to notify the training place of events concerning the student’s behaviour or endangerment of patient safety during the previous training periods.

Assessment and feedback

The practical training is graded as passed / rejected. The assessment of the outcomes of practical training is based on student self-evaluation and evaluation by the tutor and the teacher. The final responsibility for assessment of the practical training outcomes lies on the teacher. The training may contain tasks that are treated as part of the training.

The assessment criteria and form used in the evaluation of training outcomes are degree programme specific.

If the training place does not have their own system of feedback, feedback can be given to the training place and to the tutor using the linked forms.

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