Insurance coverage

Savonia University of Applied Sciences Ltd has taken out a group accident insurance for their students both in Finland and in exchange programmes abroad. The insurance is valid during actual school hours, teaching, gymnastics, breaks between lessons and during participation in sports, excursions, visits to galleries, museums, factories etc. as long as they are part of the curriculum of the degree programme, as well as during transport directly to and from the education unit. The insurance also provides coverage for accidents occurring in practical training and related transport to and from the training place.

In case of an accident take the following action:

Health care services are arranged by the municipality, where the unit of the University of Applied Sciences is situated.

Accident report replaces the insurance certificate. The accident must be reported within 10 working days following the accident. Even if the accident does not result in significant health problems at the time, it will be difficult to claim damages should the accident cause health problems later. 

Contact persons are:

Microkatu campus:
Kristiina Ahlberg tel. 044 785 6905
Seija Jäntti tel. 044 785 5077
Opistotie  campus and Emergency Services College:
Oili Jäppinen tel. 044 785 6204

Music and Dance:
Kristiina Ahlberg tel. 044 785 6905
Iisalmi campus:
Sirpa Halonen tel. 044 785 6604
Varkaus campus:
Kirsi Tukiainen tel. 044 785 6768


The responsibility for filing an accident report lies on the student. A sudden outbreak of illness is not covered by the accident insurance. The students themselves must pay the costs related to illnesses, such as transportation by taxi to a health care unit.

During the period of practical training, the status of the student is equal to that of an employee with an employment relationship in the place of training in matters concerning liability insurance.

The student may improve their insurance coverage by taking out a voluntary liability insurance if they wish. Trade unions offer insurance benefits free of charge if the student joins the union as a student member.

Students in Savonia have been insured as follows:  

  1. The statutory accident insurance is valid during unpaid practical training included in the curriculum of the degree programme and in the university during teaching of practical work. Of foreign students, only those who study in a Finnish degree programme are covered by this insurance. The exchange students are not.
  2. The statutory accident insurance is complemented by a voluntary group accident insurance covering other curricular activities. The student is covered by this insurance if they have a home municipality in Finland and if they are entitled to use the Finnish social security services (= if they have a valid Kela card).
  3. Both accident insurances cover only accident-related expenses (not, for example, expenses caused by an illness).
  4. When the student travels abroad, he or she must take out a travel insurance for additional protection (for example to cover illnesses during the stay etc.) or find out whether their home insurance policy contains a continuous travel insurance.
  5. Direct damage to property owned by the training place or under the liability of the training place caused by the activity of students in unsalaried practical training are covered by the trainee insurance. It is secondary to the insurances taken out by the training place (i.e. if the damage is compensated from the insurance of the training place).
  6. Potential damages caused to third parties are mainly covered by liability insurances of the training places. The student may also be held personally liable for damages caused during their practical training on the same liability conditions as an employee towards their employer in general. 

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