Guidance and work shifts

Guidance and work shifts

Student training orientation is organized separately for each degree programme. As successful training requires orientation, please make sure to attend.  In addition, training places such as Harjula Hospital of Kuopio Social Welfare and Health Care and Ylä-Savon Sote arrange a joint orientation. In other training places, orientation is arranged in various ways.

The contents of the orientation are the same in all organizations.

CITY OF KUOPIO, Harjula hospital, Contact person Hanna Ryhänen (

YLÄ-SAVON SOTE  (all students training in Ylä-Savon Sote area). Contact person student guidance coordinator Anna-Liisa Janatuinen (

Student orientations by Ylä-Savon Sote Joint Municipal Authority

Orientation is intended for all students already engaged in practical training in Ylä-Savo sote as well as students who are about to start their training period and who have not participated in a similar orientation earlier.




Working hours during practical training

Working life rules and regulations apply also to practical training. The student may not collect days off by continuing his or her practical training uninterruptedly without using the compulsory weekly days off. The rules governing weekly resting days must be observed.

NOTE! Students on a maternity leave (1 month before the due date) are not allowed to start their practical training.

Employee work schedule is an official document to be filled properly. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that the shifts have been recorded correctly. The shifts already performed are to be verified by the student’s signature and approved by the tutor nurse. The student must make sure that a copy of the work shift schedule remains in the training place and that the original is forwarded to the tutor teacher, who will be able to give a pass grade for the training only after having received a verified schedule of the hours worked.

If the student falls ill, he or she must notify their training place well before the start of the training shift. A day of sick leave shall be marked with the letter S on the work schedule. The tutor teacher shall be contacted, if necessary. Absences are compensated. Instructions for planning of work schedule of health care students.

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