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General on internship

Practical training is regulated by legislation and recommendations

Prints of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health 2003:22 Learning at work and supervised practical training in the health care sector – Recommendation for social and health care units.

Quality recommendations for the supervision of students were drafted in cooperation with representatives of the health care organizations in North Savo Hospital District, nationwide development network and teachers and students of Savonia University of Applied Sciences and Savo Vocational College. 

Each training period is preceded by a compulsory lecture in the university, during which the main objectives, contents and learning assignments as well as other important matters are reviewed.

Goals of practical training

During supervised training the student attains essential practical skills needed especially for positive learning outcomes and knowledge of practical application of skills in the working life.
(Decree on Studies in Universities of Applied Sciences 352 / 2003)

Scope of practical training  

In the health care sector, degree programmes for biomedical laboratory scientist (UAS), paramedic (UAS), physiotherapist (UAS), radiographer (UAS), nurse (UAS), dental hygienist (UAS), public health nurse (UAS) and midwife (UAS) contain practical training periods with a total of 75 credits (ECTS). 

Practical implementation of training

Part of the training takes place under supervision for example in a health care centre, hospital, private health care company, third sector, research agency or education institution.

There are training opportunities round the country. Expenses incurred during the period of practical shall be covered by the student.  

The Ministry of Social Services and Health (STM) has published a recommendation governing learning at work and supervised practical training during health care education for units of social welfare and health care.  (Prints of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health 2003:22).


Students are not paid a salary for practical training in the social and health care sector.

Practical training abroad

The student may do some of the training periods abroad. Further information on practical training abroad is provided by the international coordinator and persons responsible for international affairs in each degree programme. Read more about our student exchange on our home page

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