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Practical training in health care studies

Reserving your Practice Placement, guide for students

Jobiili - Practice placements for future professionals in the social and health care sector 
Students and teachers will sign in by using your Savonia user ID.

Read the student's instructions here and follow the instructions. The student's guide contains clear instructions for making a CV and reserving your practice placement. Participate in Jobiili-info hours according to your study schedule, this will provide you more detailed information about your practice placement and how to reserve it. The CV must be carefully made and updated before you can make a reservation in Jobiili.

If the Jobiili – Practice placement portal requires the information for a supervisor, the supervisor will be nominated as follows in the Bachelor’s degree program for nurses, midwives and public health nurses:

  • Aho Jukka: Mental Health and Substance Abuse Nursing 10 ECTS, Paediatric and Family Nursing 10 ECTS
  • Huovinen Anne: Perioperative Nursing 10 ECTS
  • Iire Paula: Gerontological Nursing and Home Care Services 10 ECTS
  • Mäkeläinen Tiina: Nursing Assessment and Interventions 10 ECTS, Medical Nursing 10 ECTS, Developing Nursing Competencies 10 ECTS
  • Kemiläinen Arja: Acute and Intensive Care Nursing 10 ECTS

Or a Degree Programme Internship Supervisor:

  • Biomedical Laboratory Science: Sanna Kolehmainen
  • Emergency Care: Päivi Smahl
  • Physiotherapy: Raimo Kääriäinen
  • Midwife: Raija Tuovinen
  • Radiography and Radiation Therapy: Tuula Partanen
  • Oral Health Care: Tarja Ruokokoski
  • Public Health Nurse: Raija Lappalainen

Confirmation of practice placement reservation

You can reserve and cancel your practice placement reservations yourself during the time of booking. The internship coordinator or your Degree Programme supervisor confirms your placement reservation, as long as it is a suitable placement for the particular internship. Thereafter, only the coordinator or the supervisor may make changes to the reservation or cancel the reservation.

Notification of cancellation of practice placement

If the practice placement is cancelled, the student must immediately inform the coordinator or his / her degree program practice placement supervisor at least three weeks before the start of the internship. In this way, the practice placement is released to another student.

User Support

Savonia UAS Bachelor’s Degree Programme students will receive user support form the organizations administrators:

Jobiili user instructions for Teacher

Booking times in the North Savo area and elsewhere in Finland can be found on the Jobiili front page. Follow the announcements from your email and

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