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A New Tool for Pesäpallo (Finnish Baseball) Camp Organisers As a Result of Educational Institute Cooperation

The Volunteer Work Register developed by Savonia UAS information technology students during their project course was tested in practice at the national Kids Camp in Siilinjärvi in summer 2015. As a result, the tool will be introduced at four national pesis (Finnish baseball) camps in 2016.

After the first Siilinjärvi Kids Camp management team meeting it was clear that the organisers wanted to improve the whole pesäpallo camp system through the project. Ms Pirjo Mäkelä, Finnish Baseball Association’s Regional Manager for Eastern Finland, expressed the need for a tool to organise volunteer work at the camps. In addition to examining the existing tools and service providers, the camp organisation started to develop the volunteer work register in cooperation with Savonia UAS.

Mr Sami Lahti, Senior Lecturer in IT at Savonia UAS, was the competition manager at the camp and started to work on the development of the tool together with the second-year students in their CDIO projects. Six different student groups started to carry the projects forward after a few meetings and requirement determination.

Ms Virpi Muhonen, Responsible Person for Volunteer Work at the Kids Camp, was trained to use the software in March 2015 and the volunteer recruitment started at the end of March as planned. A few software errors were found in the start-up phase but they were corrected without them interfering with the use of the Volunteer Work Register.

Sports and exercise belong to the most popular pastimes in Finland and volunteers are the most important resource. It is important to provide them with the best possible tools to implement and monitor events. The Volunteer Work Register is a significant tool to facilitate the everyday work of camp organisations. Mr Antti Kallio, Communications Manager of Finnish Baseball Association is very pleased with the success of the Volunteer Work Register project.

 After the successful experiences and feedback at the Kids Camp the Finnish Baseball Association and the responsible students prepared an agreement to introduce the Volunteer Work Register at all national pesis camps next summer. The agreement was signed in November and the project supervisor, Mr Sami Lahti, presented the register to next summer’s camp organisers in Tampere. The register was warmly welcomed.

In the initial phase the Volunteer Work Register was developed by a team of four students, Haret Hadhood, Henri Harjanne, Mikko Koskinen and Miika Niemi. After summer 2015 Henri and Miika continued working on the software and this project has given them a clear roadmap in view of their future studies.

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