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International student exchanges in the autumn semester 2020

The Finnish government has extended the travel restrictions on cross-border traffic at least until 14 June 2020. The government's travelling recommendation set in March to prevent the spread of the epidemic remains valid. Most countries also have quarantine restrictions for those entering the country.

The Committee on International Affairs of the Rector's Council of UASs (Arene) recommends that Universities of Applied Sciences refrain from international student exchanges and internships at the beginning of the fall semester 2020. For its part, Savonia has decided to follow the committee's recommendation in order to prevent the spread of the pandemic.

Student and internship exchanges from Savonia to abroad and from abroad to Savonia will not take place in the autumn semester of 2020. The aim is to transfer the exchanges to 2021, if possible. This applies to both long and short student exchanges.

The decision does not apply to international degree program students and double degree students selected in Savonia. For them Savonia may offer online studies at the beginning of their studies if they are unable to come to Finland at the beginning of their autumn studies due to residence permits.

In the autumn, intensive courses are implemented virtual in those cases when it is possible. In addition, blended and virtual mobility models are being developed in Savonia in order to develop students' international skills even in situations where it is not possible to implement mobility abroad.

Everyone has the constitutional right to travel abroad as an individual, unless law or regulation restricts that right. However, quarantine regulations are still in force in several countries and they must be complied with.

The guidelines for autumn mobility will be reviewed at the beginning of the autumn semester in the light of the current COVID-19 situation and, if necessary, new guidelines will be drawn up.

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