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Opistotie Campus

Engineering and Design expertise under the same roof!


Opistotie campus provides an extensive range of educational opportunities: we offer full degree programmes leading to a Bachelor- or Master-level degree as well as training to develop professional skills through specialised and Open University studies, and other courses of continuing and further education.

All those interested in the degree programmes offered are welcome to visit Opistotie campus. Should you prefer an information session in your own organisation, our experts will be happy to visit you and tell about our education, studies, application procedures and entrance requirements.

Engineering and Technology

The degree programmes conducted in Finnish cover a wide range of educational opportunities. All the major fields of engineering provide education either in degree programmes or specialisation options. The degree programmes leading to a Bachelor of Engineering include: ICT, electronics, electrical engineering, construction engineering, wood technology, environmental technology, and mechanical and production engineering. It is also possible to graduate with a Master’s degree.

An international student can apply to Savonia UAS, School of Engineering and Technology in Kuopio to complete the degree programme in Mechanical Engineering. The studies will take 4 years awarding a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering) degree.

Our extensive network of international partner institutions enables an exchange student period outside Finland. In addition, compulsory work placement can be completed abroad if you wish.


Also the School of Design is located in Opistotie campus, with it's unique learning facilities and workshops. The degree programme in Design leads to the Bachelor of Culture and Arts degree; the qualification title is “muotoilija (AMK)” in Finnish. The extent of the degree studies is 240 ECTS credits. It takes four years to complete the degree studies. We have about 400 BA-students.

Specialisation lines in Design:

  • „„Interior Architecture and Furniture Design
  • Fashion and Clothing Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Jewellery and Precious Metalwork Design

In School of Design you can also study in Master’s Degree Programme, called Design Making. The degree programme leads to the Master of Culture and Arts degree; the qualification title is “muotoilija (YAMK)” in Finnish. The extent of the degree studies is 60 ECTS credits. It takes about 2 years to complete the degree studies.

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Mail: P.O. Box 88 Opistotie 2, FI-70100 KUOPIO, FINLAND
Street adress: Opistotie 2, FI-70100 KUOPIO, FINLAND



Savonia UAS

Savonia is one of Finland's biggest and most versatile universities of applied sciences. Our campuses are situated in Kuopio, Iisalmi and Varkaus. There are almost 6000 students and 600 employees at Savonia. In education we implement Open Innovation Space (OIS), where we combine learning, development, research, and teaching.