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Take a survey and influence the library services!

By answering the questionnaire you can also take part in the prize draw for iPad.

The national user survey is carried out 6.4. – 12.5.2017 in the whole country. The results of the survey will help your library in evaluating and developing the library services. Your opinion is important to us!

To take the survey, please...

Julkaistu: 06/04/2017 - 08:34

Now you can pay your overdue fines online!

>Login to Savonia-Finna > Go to Your Account and choose Fines interleaf > Click the Pay online button.

For more information contact the customer service or read Savonia-Finna instructions.

> https://savonia.finna.fi/?lng=en-gb

Julkaistu: 04/04/2017 - 10:34

All library units are closed

* Mon 1.5. May Day

* Fri 19.5. Savonia-day

* Thu 25.5. Ascension Day

* Fri 26.5.


Tue 23.5. customer service

* Microkatu Campus Library 11 - 16

* Opistotie Self-service Library 12 - 15


Julkaistu: 03/03/2017 - 12:34

Savonia UAS students and staff have now an opportunity to test the following databases:

Julkaistu: 20/02/2017 - 15:48

Can’t find your favorite e-magazine? Where to go to find electronic newspapers, now that Nelli portal has been shut down? No worries, Savonia UAS’s electronic materials, including e-journals and electronic newspapers and magazines, can be found via Libguides and Savonia-...

Julkaistu: 10/01/2017 - 09:29



Savonia on yksi Suomen suurimmista ja monipuolisimmista ammattikorkeakouluista, jolla on kampuksia kolmella paikkakunnalla: Iisalmessa, Kuopiossa ja Varkaudessa. Savonia palvelee lähes 6000 opiskelijan lisäksi aktiivisesti ympäröivää elinkeinoelämää, joka mahdollistaa sekä opetuksen että oppimisen työelämäläheisyyden.