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Transfer Student Admission

You can apply trasnfer twice a year, in May and in November. The next application period is on 1. - 15.11.2017.

If you are a degree student at a Finnish University or a University of Applied Sciences, you can apply for transfer from your current Degree Programme to an equivalent Degree Programme at Savonia University of Applied Sciences to complete your studies.

A student studying at a foreign University or University of Applied Sciences cannot be considered as a transfer student. The change of the field of study requires normal application procedure.


The admission criteria

You may apply to Savonia University of Applied Sciences as a transfer student, if you meet the following requirements and there are free study places available:

  • You are registered as an attending student at a Finnish University or University of Applied Sciences.
  • You have a valid study right for at least one (1) academic term
  • You have completed at least 45 credits/year or 22 credits/term by the end of the application period (credits recognized on the basis of previous studies are excluded).

Studies must be completed and registered to your transcript of records by the end of the application period.

If there are more students applying than can be admitted, the students¬ī study success and the number of credits will be decisive.



You can apply transfer twice a year (in the beginning of May and in the beginning of November).

You can apply at You will find the right degree programme by searching with the name of the degree programme and Savonia (e.g. International business Savonia). Open the additional information and fill in the form ‚ÄúTransfer application, Savonia UAS, autumn 2017‚ÄĚ.

The decisions on the admission of students are made within four (4) weeks after the expiration of the application period and information about the decision will be sent to all applicants by email.



Please send enclosures, a transcript of records and a student certificate to the Admission Services of Savonia UAS by 17.11.2017 by post or as email attachments.

Savonia University of Applied Sciences
Admission Services / Transfer Student Admission
P.O. Box 6 (Microkatu 1)
70201 Kuopio


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