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Bachelor's Degree Programme in Nursing

Name of the study programme: Bachelor's degree programme in Nursing
Degree title: Bachelor of Health Care
Extent of the study programme: 210 credits
City: Kuopio, Finland
Mode of teaching: Full-time, on Campus
Application period: 9-24 January 2018

Do you want to study nursing in Finland and fulfill your educational dream to get profession that provides you patients-facing, independent and multifaceted career possibilities? Come to study in Savonia University of Applied Sciences (UAS) in Kuopio!

Savonia UAS offers you multiprofessional learning context in modern learning facilities with clinical skill laboratories, simulation center and health technology. The studies are implemented in blended learning with e-learning, personal tutoring and intensive periods with hands on nursing skills to deepen multiprofessional evidence based care.

  • Savonia UAS is one of Finland┬┤s biggest and most versatile universities of applied sciences
  • Kuopio is a city by the lake area in the Eastern Finland and the opportunities for sport and leisure time in nature are excellent
  • Finland is located in the Northern hemisphere where you can really experience the four seasons

Statistics of Savonia UAS

  • There are almost 6.000 students and 600 employees
  • Open Innovation Space (OIS) is implemented in education
  • International partners in over 30 countries
  • International students represent over 20 nationalities
  • Main international participating programs are ERASMUS+, FIRST, TEMPUS, NORDPLUS and NORTH-SOUTH-SOUTH

Nurses today

Nursing is one of the most esteemed professions among Finns. Highly educated nursing professionals perform independent and responsible work based on nursing science, EU-directives and requirements.

Structure of studies

The studies contain 210 ECTS (1 ECTS = 27 hrs). The annual average of student workload is 60 ECTS. The aim of the studies is to educate competent nurses with excellent knowledge of encoÔÇôuntering, supervising and caring for people of different levels of health issues.


Basic Studies

  • Entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Research studies
  • Language studies
  • Common basic courses in health and social studies
  • Clienthood in the field of health and social services
  • Health promotion and well-being

Professional Studies

  • Evidence based nursing
  • Health promotion
  • Clinical nursing
  • Family oriented nursing
  • Multiprofessional nursing


Katri Huuskola, Lecturer
Health Care
Savonia University of Applied Sciences
Tel: +358 44 785 6410, e-mail:

Application period:
9 - 24 January 2018

How to Apply?
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Contact person
Katri Huuskola
Tel.: +358 44 785 6410

Studying in Savonia
Microkatu Campus

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Savonia UAS

Savonia is one of Finland's biggest and most versatile universities of applied sciences. Our campuses are situated in Kuopio, Iisalmi and Varkaus. There are almost 6000 students and 600 employees at Savonia. In education we implement Open Innovation Space (OIS), where we combine learning, development, research, and teaching.